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Website Support

Need help fixing something on your website? Just want help getting your site working the way you want? No problem!


Sometimes all you want is help fixing one issue or a few little things. We can do that. We can provide website development or support on an hourly rate.

Need a bug fixed? Something chnaged or added? Want to add a new function? We can do that for you. We are WordPress experts but we also full stack developers.

Contact us today and let us know all what you would like.

Small and large fixes?

From small bug fixes to large page rebuilds. We can help you fault find and fix those annoying little bugs

Add functions

Got an idea for a new function you want on your website? We can help you set it up. 

Advice and planning

Sometimes all you need is a little knowledge and planning. We are happy to help learn what you need to know to achieve what you are after. 

Hourly rate & fixed price

Fixed rate and hourly rates are available. Discounts if you already have a service with us.

The rate would depend on what you need done. We have range of skill levels available  at different price points. 

We aim to clear out job log every 48 hours. It will depend on how big the job is, but we always start as soon as possible.