Our Calling

Digital Connections

My name is Craig Parker, and my job is to help my clients to achieve more and do more through technology.

So many businesses (and individuals) don't realise much potential (in terms new work and internal productivity) they are missing out on each week by not having the basics right when it comes to branding, marketing and technology management.

Having the small branding and tech-related parts of your business cohesive, consistent with your business vision will add to huge gains over time.

Simple little things such as:

  • Having emails that sync across computers, and phone
  • Emails that have your business name on them (example jo@gmail.com vs jo@yourcompany.com.au)
  • Logos that have some kind connection your business
  • Websites that have content that people will read
  • A method of getting people to your website
  • Business cards that look professional
  • Email signatures that look good

Can have a huge impact over time, increasing your exposure and professional look you provide your clients with.

After all its the small stuff is done right over time that adds up to big growth. 

Blue circles with upwards arrow to demonstrate IT & website services Gold Coast helping business grow.

Our Systems

In the same way, as a personal trainer helps clients reach their fitness goals, I establish the goals and struggles. Then assess, plan, guide and coach our clients on how to move forward.

The best part is, unlike having to slog it out at the gym, most of the time, I can do the work. Imagine having someone else to go to the gym and workout for you, but you get all the results!

Whether you want you to do it yourself or have someone else do it for you, we are here to help with your branding, marketing and IT, so you can achieve more.

Simply put, my team and I are your on-call tech support and marketing team, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best.


Example Of How We Help

Here is an example outline of the process we have followed in the past. Each client is different so it changes as required. 

  • Find our your overall goal
  • Establish focus points
  • Design or update logos
  • Design branding elements
  • Create unique business cards
    Develop new letterheads to match the branding
  • Setup new emails G Suite or MS exchange with your businesses URL (Example jo@yourcompanynamehere.com.au)
  • New email footers
  • Rollout new calendars, contact saving, backups on to computers, mobiles and tablets
  • Upskilling users on new systems
  • Review website, update if required
  • Work to increase traffic to website and general exposure
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and development of the website 
  • Help with digital marketing
  • help with the creation of new content such as blogs, ads, graphics
  • help with social media
  • Assist with Email marketing
  • speed up and maintain fast website load time

Other Less Exciting Stuff, But Still Important

  • Setup backup systems for computers
  • Smails and contacts
  • Provide IT support
  • Ongoing coaching and training
  • Website and email hosting
  • Keyword research for marketing