St Peters 3

The Brief

The client didn’t have any particular colours or a particular look in mind at all and the church doesn’t have any branding guidelines, so we helped to develop some very special, meaningful assets.


St Peters Anglican Church Southport


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What we did

• Built a website
• Updated branding
• Trained the client on how to use their website
• Provided hosting and CDN
• Provided SEO and website marketing services

About the website

The website had three key pieces of information to convey:
• Denomination
• Location
• Service times

Look and feel

This church has a couple of features that really stand out and you will see these in the video that is playing in the banner of the website. They have these wonderful big stained-glass windows that run down the side of the church. The other thing to know is that St Peter was crucified upside down and that he is generally associated with keys.

The church is located in Southport on the Gold Coast, known for its beaches, having the board water right out front and the three central towers in the middle.

We were able to combine all that in one core logo, a couple of the windows from the church, the lines representing the keys, also representing the three towers and reflection onto the board water. Almost forms crosses, again noting that St Peter was crucified upside down.

We spent a lot of time looking at the branding and what was unique. The church is red brick, stained glass, very big, traditional. We used fonts associated as older and more refined, using traditional fonts and logo.


The site logo was developed to be very meaningful, we really wanted to capture what was unique, where it was, what was unique about the people and what they believed.

We recently added a new section to create a live-streaming space to watch services live online. The online donations box been very necessary during lockdown to keep everything running.

Sermons and readings for the week are regularly updated by the client, with a blog and gallery showcasing activities.

The church has done an amazing job working on the streaming service, the donation box really added to their bottom-line and the site has been a positive asset in encouraging more young people and families to attend.

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