Search Engine Optimisation

These days websites are a mandatory and pivotal part of every business (and for some individuals as well). That fact that you were here reading this proves it. 

However, having a website doesn't mean it will get seen or found. There are 1000s of new websites going up every minute, yours is just one more, it's most likely going to get lost in the crazy place we call the web.

We all make an assumption that because we have one it will be seen because google will find it and, your right. Google will find it, but that doesn't mean it will know what to do with it, or even show it to anyone.

Think about it, would you confidently refer someone if you had no idea about what they did? 

Well, Google is the same. The more it knows you and trusts you the more referrals (in this case higher ranking for keywords) it gives you. 

Search Engine Optimisation is simply a form of educating Google on who you are, what you do, and why people would want to work with you.  This gives Google confidence in you and you can do what you say you are going to do.  Resulting in more people viewing your site and hopefully contacting you. That is why Google is the number one search engine.  

So why do SEO?

Back early days of the internet. There were only a few websites. This meant that anyone who had a website could get people visiting it, easy. This gave them a huge advantage, to reach people in a way that had never been seen before. They could sell and help their clients in ways never before seen. They were making money in a whole way and it paid off big for brave. 

These days more people use the web than ever before. People are confident in buying online and have a lot of trust in Google to help them with it. If you can get your site to number one for a few keywords, you can get major traffic that could result in more enquires and better exposure for your business. 


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