Robina First Early Learning Centre logo

The Brief

The client wanted a simple colour palette and to use a bee as their icon, from there we created a full branding package, including the newly designed website and logo.


Robina First


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What we did

- Built a website
- Created a full branding package
- Trained the client on how to use their website
- Provided hosting and CDN
- Provided SEO and website marketing services

About the website

The website had three main objectives:
- Get more people coming in
- Give the centre more exposure
- Get a lot of content out to their community

Look and feel

We wanted to keep to a simple colour palette in line with the clients brief, yet at the same time keeping it unique, hence the choice of the turquoise and orange. We then really focused on sticking to the branding guidelines that we created.

The centre love running events and are always doing something new, so there’s a lot of content to showcase and a lot of pages to the website, so we focused on creating links throughout the pages linking through to other areas.

The website clearly shows what the centre is like, using great imagery and you can read some great stories and link through to further information.

A new logo was created with a cartoon style bee, there’s actually a whole story behind why they chose the bee as thier icon, relating to working together and linking in with the centers values. The circle is a very modern way of doing logos and was chosen to complement the rounded style of the bee.


We wanted to ensure the site gives a clear message, so we talk about what they do very early on, icons are used to represent the different events they hold and are also used throughout the site.

The centre has lots of enrichment programs that we talk about, also talking about the educators and linking through to other pages and areas on the site.

A useful feature on the site is that it automatically adds the next upcoming event into its own featured section, that way they can be sure to always have the next upcoming event featured automatically. This means that they can update all the events for the year and not have to worry about updating the page once each event has passed.

They have put a lot of effort into their blog, always updating it with free information and new images relating to what they’ve done.

There is an Informational banner currently about COVID-19 at the top, which can be updated in the future with any other alerts or notifications.

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