Hi-Res Photo printing logo

The Brief

• Refresh brand
• Improve online presence
• Add online sales functionality
• Make it easy for clients easy to:
- find information relating to printers
- order paper and printing/printers online
- locate the latest deals


Hi- Res Photo Printing


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What we did

• Updated logo
• Updated branding and created new branding guidelines
• Created an ecommerce website
• Trained the client on how to use their website
• Provided hosting and CDN
• Provided SEO and website marketing services.

About the website

The website has three distinct spaces:
• Photo printing for photobooths/photo centres,
• Medical printers,
• Accessories

Digital Connections has worked with High Res Photo Printing for a number of years. The company started from a very simple one-page website, which looked like it was built in the early nineties, they acknowledged they could do much better and do more with a better website.

Working together as a team, there were a lot of opportunities to try new things, they were great at answering questions and taking photos while working closely with us to create the site.

Look and feel

Let’s work with colour!
The company specifically works with Mitsubishi printers but their logo colours match the colours that printers work with - CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) for this site this meant accents of Blue, Pink and Yellow – it was important to find a way to bring these colours all together.

Looking at the logo these colours are used as the different squares, representing all the different types of photos and frames and the O’s are designed to look like lenses on a camera.

We then used consistent colour through the website, using the colours to differentiate the different categories on the website. The layout was well thought out, for example: as customers need to order paper more often than a new printer, the paper print medium was the first offering given on the left of the page, the eye naturally reads left to right, so this column will draw the eye first.

The different categories are laid out and showcased visually to allow for easy navigation, so we are giving customers multiple routes to get to the same place; this same thought process is carried throughout the front page, showcasing the main accessories, and showing the advantages of their most popular printer ie. the mobile app and online printing.

There is a separate section on the front page showcasing some of the different products, a kiosk and a medical printer, giving a visual reminder to the customer of the range of products and again offering an alternative route of navigation.

The print media section highlights are all pink (Magenta) on the print media page to match the quick link on the front page. Similarly, the highlights are all blue (Cyan) on the printers page, consistent with the links to printers on the front page and it divides down further into the medical printer subcategory, highlighted in red, as often associated with medical.

Facebook links, email and phone number are all easy to find, there is no address required for this particular company, however, there is a separate accounts page for repeat orders.


In addition to fulfilling the above brief we also worked with the client to ensure the website was well laid out and easy to navigate.
• The two major printers they sell are showcased in the top in the menu
• Medical printers are in their own sub section
• Media for printing onto has its own section with consumables for paper and printing
• Easy to find Orders & Contact information

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