The Company

Company: GWC Services


What they do/sell:

GWC Service are specialists in commercial building maintenance and repair, their team of licensed tradesmen have built a reputation for quality and reliability.


This website was developed to communicate with owners of commercial properties that needed help with maintenance. What we really wanted to do was make it look really professional and clean, we did this by creating a clear, to the point one-page website, making it easy for clients to reach out and get help.

The client really wanted to highlight the key points that GWC Services are experienced, licensed and outcome focused. People tend to read the titles not necessarily all the content, so we laid out the content with clear headers highlighting the key points and ensured there was more information referenced if needed.

Simple to the point clear messages - what the client wanted and what we delivered!

Brief (what they wanted)

• Create awareness of GWC services
• Highlight they are experienced, licensed and outcome focused
• Simple to the point clear messages

What we did

• Built a clear and concise one-page website
• Updated branding and colours, in harmony with the current company logo
• Trained the client on how to use their website
• Provided hosting and CDN

GWC Service

Thought process around look and feel

For the design, royal colours were used to build respect as it’s a colour that those in authority might like, gold is often associated with corporate work and responded to quite positively, it is common with high-end businesses.

The website makes it clear to tenants, building owners and asset managers that there is a benefit for each of them. The site also addresses a number of questions, giving several examples in the FAQs section with animated answer reveals.

A section is dedicated to listing all the services, so there is no question as to what the company does, images and large headings were used to draw the eye and make it very clear at a glance, what is offered.

Finally, the large font used to highlight the contact details in the contact section ensures the customer knows exactly who to call.

About the website

The website had three distinct objectives to provide clarity on:
• Who the service is for
• What services are offered
• Why GWC Services is the best choice

Once people are clear on who it’s for and why ie. what you do, it gets people to take action.

The outcome

The website fulfilled the brief well covering all the bases to deliver a clear message about the products and services offered.
It does this without being cluttered, it looks clean and shows respect for everybody involved.