G & M metal roofing logo

The Brief

The client was very specific about what they wanted, they had a good eye, great pictures and lots of real-world examples of their work.

• Olive green and turquoise colour scheme
• Lots of clear white space
• Showcase their work


G&M Roofing Metal Roofing


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What we did

• Built a website
• Updated branding
• Trained the client on how to use their website

About the website

The website had three objectives:

• Get more customers
• Showcase their work
• Show what stands them apart from competitors

Look and feel

It’s always a great idea if you work with a lot of big brands, to showcase them on your website. We took the colour out of the logos, to showcase them without necessarily highlighting them. Using the light grey, gives the benefit of the brands marketing and knowledge without overstating their importance to the website. Lending credibility to the company without being overpowering.

Wherever possible we used real images rather than stock images. It really helps to personalise the company by doing this, for example including George who is the dog in the logo.

It’s important to say what you do as a company and to tell clients the benefits to getting things sorted. On the about page we feel it’s best to start conversation is “this is the problem, these are the benefits of allowing me to help you sort that problem” - rather than “we’ve been doing business for x years”.


My request to them was for lots of great photos which they supplied, and end results were awesome. Professional photos are always great, otherwise you can use a good quality mobile and fix the images up in photoshop for a professional finish.

All websites should include some form of testimonial and giving examples of your work are just as important, showcasing a good cross section of real-life examples.

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