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Look great online when people search for your services. Add online booking, Blogs, Ebooks, and many more functions. 


Add menus, table bookings, takeaway and delivery and more to your website. A great way to grow client base. 

Online Learing

Build your online training course with membership access, video content, tests, grades and more. 


Sell your products online, both digital and physical. Have automatic shipping costs, payment options and plans. 

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Results You Want, With A Site You Will Love

Building a great custom web design is hard work. Coming up with content, images, adding functions submitting to it google. It's a frustrating, confusing & time-consuming process. Especially when you do it alone and don't get the results you want at the end of it.

At Digital Connections we have developed a process that allows us to build great websites for you that reflect what is unique about your website. The process if fun educational and most importantly it gets results

We can help with written content, photos, designs, planning, hosting, emails and more. All you need to do is answer some questions. 

If you want to upgrade your existing site or start from scratch click the button below and start fill in the form to start the process.  


Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to help our clients look great, feel proud and connect with their client through stunning, well built, high-quality websites, using custom WordPress development and web design.


Beautiful Custom Web Design

Your website design will be developed as a custom WordPress development, designed from the ground up around your own companies goals & content, for a truly personalised website.


Extra Functions from Custom WordPress Development

Having a custom website that resonates with 'how you can help' rather than 'what you sell' has been shown to increase customer interactions. We can build a custom WordPress development from the ground up to fit the functionality that your company needs.


Websites That Sell

The best websites don't just look great, they give customers a reason to interact with you and buy, inquire or return to your site. A website should improve your reputation and bring you a sense of pride to both your website and in what you offer.


Easy To Update Content

By using a custom WordPress development, you can edit your website and add content straight from the webpage.  You can change your text and images simply by clicking on the area you want to change, all protected behind your own secure login.

Update wordpress

Always Up To Date

As part of your custom web design package, you will receive the first years support and hosting absolutely free.  

Plus your theme and page builder all have free updates for 2 years after the initial build. 

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See of our latest work and about how did it and why. 

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