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Business IT Support Specialist Craig
Friendly, Affordable, Resourceful

Hi. I'm Craig, lead Business IT Support Specialist

I understand nothing is more annoying than having technology that doesn't work for your business. Hours of productivity, focus & potential clients can disappear over emails not working, phones not ringing and computers not connecting.

Most of the time investment in some training and proper setup can save hours of frustration and improve workflow and mental outlook.

We understand, you just want an affordable IT person who can fix it for you quickly, so you can move on. That's why we aim to be your one-stop-shop for Business IT support on the Gold Coast.

Specialists in Business IT Support on the Gold Coast

We know running a business comes with a number of challenges, your technology should not be one of those headaches! Always available at the end of the phone, let us take the stress out of maintaining your business IT infrastructure. We take the time to uderstand your business and come up with a business IT solution that is the right fit for your company.

Who Do We Work With?

Micro Business (1-5 People)

Whether you are working from home or shared office we can help you keep connected with WiFi, Printers, Emails, Phones & Microsoft Office. 

Your a busy person and don't have time to spend all day trying to fix or configure your tech. Your priority to getting the work done. We can help you keep everything running so you can get your work done.

Our afforable remote support on call as you need it will be perfect for you. 

Small Business (6-20)

As small business reliable information sharing, a solid network and collaboration is important. 

Having a local network that is reliable, with a good internet connection will allow your team to get their work done in through collaboration, share and get work done.

We can set up and maintain everything you need to keep your small business powering long. While we are at it, we can help setup business with everything it needs to be ready to move to a medium business. 

Medium Business (20+)

Reliability, security and data management are so important for medium businesses

Having a reliable network, secure emails and database will help ensure your business is meeting all the requirements your required to meet while reducing the unproductive downtime hours. 

We can help you find new ways to build a more robust system reducing downtime and making sure that you meet all data safety requirements. 

What Can We Help With?

For Businesses

Computer Repairs, Setup & Sales

Keep your hardware running smoothly to keep your focus on what really matters. Let us take care of the rest.

Cloud Setup & Training

These days there's no need to maintain servers in-house and concern yourself with on and offsite backups. Start working in the cloud today and work from anywhere!

Network Setups

All business IT support packages come with your own dedicated Network specialist.

Microsoft Products Sales, Setup & Training

Whichever product you need we can help you find the right fit for your business.


Knowing you have all your data safely backed up and can retrieve files if they go missing can be invaluable to a business. We can ensure you are running the best solution for your business and at the best price.

Computer Security

Security is top priority when you are dealing with confidential and personal information, either within your business or for clients. Let us take care of it for you, so you don't need to worry.

Technology Training

New technology can be daunting and come with a bit of a learning curve, we're here to show you the way, with patient training, when you need it.


Need help with setting up your printer/scanner. No problem, we can do that. 

For Homes

Home Technology

You don't have to be a Gold Coast business to benefit from our IT support packages, we cater to home users as well. 

TV, Media Players, Stereos Setup

We're your one-stop-shop for all your technical needs at home or in the office.

Technology Training

New technology can be daunting and come with a bit of a learning curve, we're here to show you the way, with patient training, when you need it.


Need help with setting up your printer/scanner. No problem, we can do that. 


Get help with setting up new Wifi or sort slow wifi and dead spots. 


$125 / Per Hour

  • No call out fee
  • Quick Responce Time
  • Remote Support available
  • Credit Card Payments available


$99 /Per Hour

  • Non-Profit Only
  • Remote support available
  • Credit Card payments available
  • Quick Responce Time

Managed IT Services

$60 /per workstation

  • Unlimited IT Support
  • Priority queuing
  • Remote Support
  • Extra costs for onsite negotiable
  • 3x workstation minimum sign up
  • Reduced pricing on other services

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