Angkor Cambodian Restaurant, Palmerston North New Zealand.

The Brief

• Embody ideas of - Fresh tasty authentic
• Deliver a professional image
• Easy to order / make a booking

Angkor has a well-established customer base. With the new site, they wanted to make it easier for the their existing customers to order meals online or make a dine-in booking. At the same time they wanted to reach new clients with a new site that had great images and an online menu.


Angkor Restaurant


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What we did

• Updated branding around fresh food imagery
• Helped with a logo redesign
• Helped to maintain the site
• Trained the client on how to use their website
• Provided hosting and CDN
• Provided SEO and website marketing services

About the website

The website had three distinct areas that needed to function well:
• How to get to the restaurant
• How to contact the restaurant
• How to place an order for pickup / delivery

They really wanted a website to deliver a professional image along with an idea of what the food looks like and invoke an idea of how it may taste.

Currently, the site allows for online pick-up orders done directly through them. They have an app that alerts them to new orders and allows them to update the orders as required. Their delivery is done through the Delievereasy.

Look and feel

The website banner clearly shows what the business is and what it does, guiding you to interact with the ‘call to action’ buttons for ordering either pickup or delivery online.

As an introduction it then goes on to talk a little bit about the restaurant, followed by some fabulous photos of delicious, fresh dishes available and another ‘call to action’ with a link to ordering online.

Online deliveries are organised via DeliverEasy which is explained briefly in the next section, followed by more beautiful images of dishes on offer and further information about dine in reservations. Deliver Easy was integrated as they were happy with the system and it also saved them some money although it could have been directly built into the site had the client required.

On the Pickup order page you will find a full interactive menu, which calculates the cost as you add items. There are options so you can change the spice level, choose your seasoning etc…
A great feature is that it also tells you how long the order time will be – live!
(if there are multiple orders the time automatically increases)

Of course you can then pay by credit card online and the system will automatically send a confirmation email.

Specific Functionality:
To make it easy to find the restaurant we made the address interactive, so that it will open in google maps on your phone when clicked.

Also to make it simple to contact the restaurant to make a booking the phone number will call the restaurant directly if clicked from a mobile phone.

We wanted it to be as easy as possible for the user to place an order, so the first thing the user sees in two large ‘call to action’ buttons giving you the option to choose to place an order for either pickup or delivery.

We also included links straight to the restaurants Social Media pages, where customers can follow the restaurant.


The restaurant made back the cost of the website in increased sales within the first few weeks and continues to deliver and add more for the restaurant overtime.

All the elements are completely updatable by the client, they can close orders on the website for certain days depending when they are open.

They can change their base orders, if a lot of orders come into the restaurant, they can adjust the base time easily and can receive and send order notifications on their phone, also being able to call or email the customer directly from the phone app if there are any problems or they need to ask a question.
They can also added custom popup banners any page to inform clients if they are closed or other important announcements.

The managers have an app they can use to keep track of incoming orders and can adjust the time taken for orders to be delivered.

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