The Company

Company: AgCoTech


What they do/sell:

AgCoTech provides a carbon offset program; they have developed and produce a special medicated block that gets distributed to small farms holders and third world countries.

The blocks get placed in fields, where cows lick them and put on weight and produce less methane and grow healthier and produce more milk.


This website was developed to build awareness of the program and the partnerships involved and to encourage people to reach out to offset their carbon. They are currently working out of Singapore and are opening factories around the world.

The product has been developed with support from the University of Sydney, Dept of Foreign Affairs and many others.

What they’ve done is really good and I really believe in the product.

Brief (what they wanted)

• To look professional
• Work with larger companies to give them the opportunity to offset all their carbon.
• It was important for people to understand what they do and how they can be helped

What we did

• Built a website
• Came up with branding ideas
• Trained the client on how to use their website
• Consulted on ways the website could be used to help grow their brand


Thought process around look and feel

For the design the client gave an example of a site that they liked and then then left me to it.

It was decided to move away from the standard green that most carbon footprint websites use.

We used modern fonts, with gold and blue to emphasize that this is a great product and do something a bit different from the usual environmental sites.

The use of clean fonts and clean colours were important, one of the other things we did was develop a logo for the company, with the gold square hinting at a representation of the medicated block.

Everything has slight curved edges. And the dot from the logo has been carried through the site where possible.

Clean images and animations are used throughout to maintain visual engagement.

About the website

The website had three main aims:
• To promote partnerships
• Inform about the new carbon offset program
• Attract investors

The website gives information about their innovations, how it works, the history, the process they use, it has a well-maintained blog and shows the potential for investors.

There is also functionality to calculate your own carbon footprint.

The outcome

The website gives a good first impression, creates a positive user experience and everything looks refined.

The client actively updates and adds new content, they have been very consistent adding more images and updating the blog.