IT & Website Services

Designed for Small & Medium Businesses

Stop wasting hours on trying to fix computers, phones, printers, internet, WIFI, software or websites. Digital Connections Technology Co-ordinators specialise in understanding and managing all those systems and much more, so you and your team can focus on getting your work done.

Technology Co-ordinators

IT & Website Services Designed for Smaller Businesses

Our Technology Co-Ordination service combines IT services and IT Support, with website development and digital marketing, so small & medium businesses on the Gold Coast, can have their technology for them not against them. Resulting is a saving in both time and money while unlocking new levels functionality and productivity.

Technology Co-Ordinator

Tech Co-ordinators are your go-to person for all things technology. Need a password reset, no problem. Need updates to your website? No problem. One call or email and the problem is on its way to being solved. They can come on-site or work remotely. If you need regular help with managing and maintaining your technology, this will save you money long term.

IT Services & Support

IT Services and support, includes everything from connecting you to your WiFi to setting and managing servers and intranets. At Digital Connections we designed Our IT team to be local, friendly, personal and knowledgeable about your current technology setup. So we get you back up and running as soon as possible.  

Website Services

Website services include; Website development, web design, web hosting, SEO, Social media marketing, and pay-per-click services. Our web team works to make sure we always have the information we need so we can make changes you need quickly. We have lots of great advice and templates to help you get your website or marketing moving. 

IT Services & Website Development Ready & Organised for You

Decided you need something fixed or improved on your site or a change on your computer? no problem email or call your decided technology coordinator and they will get it done in the next 24 hours.