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Why Do 90% Of Websites Fail To Generate Any Return On Investment

Websites are recognised as being a critical part any many businesses, but very few ever get any results from them. Find out how you can move to the 10% who get results.

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Why Websites Fail & What To Do About It

The IT industry has one of the highest failure rates of any industry. The next closest industry failure rate is 50%. I am sure many people in web industry would surely it is not that high, but I think deep down they know.

Websites fail to deliver results for so many reasons. I can tell you from my experience the top 5 are:

  • Using the approach to website design
  • Failure to plan desired outcomes
  • Thinking that because it looks good, it will work
  • Not investing the correct amount of time and money

At Digital Connections we help our clients connect to a digital world like ever before so they can get the results they need.


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